Common anode 0.39 inch 7 Segment LED Displays 1 digit surface mount SMD LED display

7 Segment Display Red Green Blue White FND Numeric LED Single Digit Display 0.8 Inch


What Specifications of our LED display components, LED display?
1. 0.28Inch -0.8 Inch 1 digit
2. Emitted color: Red 620nm-635nm, Yellowish-Green 565nm-575nm,
Orange 600nm-610nm, Yellow 585nm-595nm,
Blue 465nm-475nm, Green 515nm-525nm etc
3. DIP 12Pins, 14Pins; Epoxy: White, Water Clear or customized color

Pins Layout & Circuit diagram

What Features & Application of NEW SHINE LED display components matrix?
1) Semi-outdoor/outdoor or indoor using, elevators/lift, led strip display, clock display and other different display areas of digital instruments, display screen modules, mechanical & medical equipments.
2) Customized LED Panel Displays: Application for household appliance, special using LED



  1. 0.80" (inch) digit height.
  2. Excellent segment uniformity.
  3. Sold state reliability.
  4. Industrial standard size.
  5. Low power consumption.
  6. The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant Version.



  1. The DL1-802XRB series is a lager 20.40mm (0.80") high seven segments display designed for viewing distances up to 7 meters.
  2. These displays provide excellent reliability in bright ambient light.
  3. These devices are made with white segments and black surface.

Device Selection Guide:

Model No. Chip Material Source Color Description
DL1-802ARB GaAlAs Super Bright Red Common Anode
DL1-802CRB Super Bright Red Common Cathode


Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta=25℃

Parameters Symbol Max. Unit
Power Dissipation Per Segment PD 100 mW

Peak Forward Current Per Segment

(1/10 Duty Cycle, 0.1ms Pulse Width)

IFP 100 mA
Forward Current Per Segment IF 25 mA
Dating Linear From 50℃   0.4 mA/℃
Reverse Voltage VR 5 V
Operating Temperature Range Topr -40℃ to +80℃
Storage Temperature Range Tstg -40℃ to +85℃
Soldering Temperature Tsld 260℃ for 5 Seconds

Electrical Optical Characteristics at Ta=25℃

Parameters Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Test Condition
Luminous Intensity Iv 5.0 10.0 --- mcd IF=20mA (Note 1)
Luminous Intensity Matching Ratio (Segment To Segment) Iv-m --- --- 2:1   IF=10mA
Peak Emission Wavelength λp --- 660 --- nm IF=20mA
Dominant Wavelength λd --- 640 --- nm IF=20mA (Note 2)
Spectral Line Half-Width △λ --- 20 --- nm IF=20mA
Forward Voltage VF --- 2.20 2.80 V IF=20mA
Reverse Current IR --- --- 50 µA VR=5V


  1. Luminous intensity is measured with a light sensor and filter combination that approximates the CIE eye-response curve.
  2. The dominant wavelength (λd) is derived from the CIE chromaticity diagram and represents the single wavelength which defines the color of the device.


LED Display Package Dimension:

Common anode 0.39 inch 7 Segment LED Displays 1 digit surface mount SMD LED display


Common anode 0.39 inch 7 Segment LED Displays 1 digit surface mount SMD LED display








7 Segment LED Displays

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